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For some lawyers, the practice of law is a way to make a living. For attorney John Brothers, the practice of law is a way to make others’ lives better.

John has made it his life’s work to help individuals and families struggling in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury or act of medical malpractice. He established The Brothers Law Firm to provide injury victims with access to the exceptional advocacy necessary for courtroom success and the sincere concern for their well-being crucial for making it through a challenging time.

Focus and Experience That Provides a Distinct Advantage

The Brothers Law Firm is not a general practice firm that dabbles in injury and medical malpractice law alongside a whole range of other legal matters. This is a firm that has one mission and one focus: medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury cases. This is of critical importance for those seeking representation for such claims.

Lawyers who only handle the occasional medical malpractice case can put their clients at an immediate and long-term disadvantage, not because those lawyers lack skill or competence but because they may not have the resources, experience, or insights to handle such cases effectively and efficiently. These deficiencies can add significant delays to the resolution of these cases and ultimately reduce the amount of money a client receives if compensation is recovered.

At The Brothers Law Firm, we don’t start from scratch when we begin working on a new medical malpractice or catastrophic personal injury case. We know the law,  and we know the procedures. We know what issues to focus on and which ones are mere distractions. We know how to avoid the traps which can ensnare the unfamiliar and have the tenacity to defeat the tactics insurers use to shield their clients from accountability for the pain and havoc they have caused.

Importantly, we also know the experts who can make the difference in these cases. We have developed strong relationships with an army of highly-credentialed expert witnesses across a wide range of disciplines. We don’t need to search for or interview experts when we need them – we have them on speed dial. For all of these reasons, we are frequently contacted by other lawyers to handle these complex and important cases.


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